Tenderloin National Forest
Tenderloin National Forest

Mon-Fri 10am-5pm; Sat 12pm-4pm; Sun closed
509 Ellis Street
San Francisco CA 94109

Operated by Luggage Store Gallery since 1989, the Tenderloin National Forest transformed an alleyway filled with dumpsters and trash into a tree and plant-filled community art space. Luggage Store Gallery leases the decommissioned alley from the City for $1/year and works closely with the community to create this special place.

The forest features murals from renowned artists, a four-story tall redwood tree, a rock mosaic by artist Rigo23, plants growing wild alongside one another, and a small earthen cabin that houses art exhibitions.

The Tenderloin National Forest creates a beneficial, beautiful and healthy atmosphere for tenants of neighboring hotels and the larger Tenderloin community.